Mommy Makeover Procedures

Performed by James D. Namnoum, M.D., F.A.C.S. at our Northside / Sandy Springs Location.

mommy makeover proceduresA mommy makeover is actually a customized combination of body contouring plastic surgery procedures specifically designed to help a woman reclaim the look her body had before the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. While the various procedures involved can vary, depending on the individual needs of the patient, pregnancy can potentially affect every part of the body, so a mommy makeover may consist of one or more of the following:

  • A breast lift or a breast augmentation procedure for those women whose breasts have begun to sag and droop due to the effects of age and gravity
  • A breast reduction (often in conjunction with a breast lift) for women whose breasts have become uncomfortably large from the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding
  • A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, to flatten and tone the abdominal area for women who have excess, sagging skin from the stretching of their midsection after pregnancy
  • Liposuction to re-sculpt and contour areas of the body that have accumulated pockets of stubborn fat and create a more toned and shapely appearance

In addition, many women may also choose to undergo other targeted body contouring procedures, like spider vein treatment, arm lifts, or thigh lifts, to help address their specific areas of concern. Because these procedures are performed during a single surgical session, patients generally experience shorter recovery times than if they had undergone them in succession and can start enjoying their mommy makeover results more quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mommy Makeovers

Am I a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover?
Any woman who is unhappy with the look of her body after the effects of pregnancy and breast feeding may be a potential candidate for a mommy makeover.  As with any body contouring plastic surgery procedure, I would recommend that patients be at or near their target weight and in generally good health as well. Finally, because further dramatic changes in the body can compromise plastic surgery results, I would recommend that patients wait until after they are finished having children before considering a mommy makeover.

How soon after I give birth can I get a Mommy Makeover?
Every patient is different, but it will generally take several months for the body to fully recover after a pregnancy and I usually advise patients to avoid any form of surgery while the body is in the process of healing. In order to ensure that your results are not impacted by ongoing changes in your body, I recommend that patients should be at their goal weight for at least six months and have stopped breast-feeding for six months before undergoing a mommy makeover.

Can I get a Mommy Makeover even if I’m not a mom?
The term “mommy makeover” is really just a description that is applied to a specific combination of plastic surgery procedures and that combination is always customized to the specific needs of the patient. Women or even men who have experienced changes in their bodies as a result of significant fluctuations in weight often undergo combination body contouring procedures, like arm lifts, thigh lifts, or even body lifts, to address various areas of concern. During an individual consultation I can go over what procedure, or combination of procedures, might be right for you.