Mommy Makeover with Dr. Michael Mirzabeigi at Atlanta Plastic Surgery

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can cause many changes to a women’s body, affecting areas such as her breasts, abdomen, and legs.  While a healthy diet and exercise can assist a woman in regaining her pre-pregnancy body, some women may find that they need a little additional help to achieve their desired figure.  This is where a mommy makeover can make a difference.  A mommy makeover is a customized cosmetic procedure that helps to restore a woman’s body to its pre-pregnancy appearance.  Because every pregnancy and every woman is unique, this procedure can be custom tailored to meet each woman’s goals.  Mommy makeovers can treat a variety of issues such as breast volume loss, laxity of the abdominal muscles, and stubborn pockets of fat.  If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your mommy makeover options, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Dr. Michael Mirzabeigi.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mommy Makeovers

What procedures consist of a mommy makeover?

During your consultation, we will discuss your individual goals, and what you wish to achieve with your mommy makeover.  We will also discuss pre and post-operative care, and your overall recuperation time.  That being said, some of the most common procedures that comprise a mommy makeover are Liposuction, Breast Augmentation/Lift, and Tummy Tuck.

When should I begin to plan for my mommy makeover?

I recommended that you wait at least one year after having a baby to schedule your mommy makeover.  Your body will still go through changes several months post-partum, so you will want to ensure that you are fully recovered from your last pregnancy before you begin your mommy makeover journey.  I also like to recommend that my patients maintain a healthy lifestyle before and after their mommy makeovers, so that the recovery is easier, and the results are more satisfying and long lasting.

Can I still have children after my mommy makeover?  

I always advise my patients to postpone their mommy makeovers until after they are finished with childbearing.  While it is safe to have children after a mommy makeover, it is important to keep in mind that additional pregnancies can alter the results of your procedure.  However, if you find that your body has drastically changed as a result of your pregnancy, and you would like to undergo a mommy makeover prior to additional pregnancies, then rest assured that you can safely conceive post mommy makeover, and the procedures will not impact your health or the health of your baby.