Dr. Allyson Maske Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Breast Augmentation:

Can I pick an exact cup size that I hope to achieve from breast augmentation surgery?
Because cup sizes can vary depending on the bra manufacturer, it can be difficult to commit to a specific cup size when planning a breast augmentation procedure. However, I am able to use Vectra® 3D Breast Surgery Imaging during breast augmentation consultations to help women see a projection of their potential breast augmentation results based on different breast implant sizes and shapes.

Is there a non-surgical alternative to breast augmentation?
There are currently no non-surgical options that can replicate the benefits of breast augmentation. Some medications and creams may promise to provide these results, but they will not deliver results and some may even cause potentially dangerous side effects. Women who only seek a modest increase in breast size may be good candidates for fat transfer injections for the breasts.

How do I choose the right breast implant size?
The “right” implant size is whichever implant helps the patient achieve the breast contour she desires. It’s important to choose an implant that will both enhance the breasts while also maintaining a proportional, balanced figure. During breast augmentation consultations, I use Vectra® 3D Breast Surgery Imaging to help my patients see a projection of their potential new breast size based on different implant options to help them make a final decision.

Breast Reduction:

Do breast reduction pills and medicines work?
Unfortunately not. There are currently no medications or supplements that can help women reduce the size of their breasts. In order to achieve true breast reduction results, breast reduction surgery to remove excess tissue and skin from the breast area will be required.


How long will the recovery period be following a facelift?
Every patient is different and that means recovery time after can vary. Your recovery after a facelift will depends on several factors including the specifics of your procedure as well as your body’s ability to heal. Generally speaking, many facelift patients are able to return to most of their normal daily activities (including work) about a week following their procedure. I discuss specific recovery details with my patients during facelift consultation appointments.


How long will the results of a liposuction procedure last?
Liposuction removes excess fat cells from a targeted area of the body, and can be a great way for patients who are already maintaining a healthy weight to minimize localized pockets of unwanted fat. The fat cells that have been removed will not return. However, if a patient gains weight after their procedure, the remaining fat cells in the treated area as well as fat cells in other areas of the body can expand, making the patient’s results less apparent. In other words, liposuction results can be extremely long lasting if the patient maintains their post-procedure weight, but subsequent weight gain in the treated area is still a possibility.

Can liposuction be used as weight loss surgery?
Liposuction is a body contouring procedure and will not be able to help patients who wish to use the surgery as a way to lose a significant amount of weight. Although it’s true that fat is removed during the procedure, the total amount of fat removed will not weigh very much. I recommend for my liposuction patients to reach their goal weight before their surgery.

Mommy Makeover:

What is included in a mommy makeover procedure?
Due to the customizable nature of this procedure, the exact details of a mommy makeover depend on the needs and preferences of each individual patient. A mommy makeover often includes body contouring procedures like tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, and/or a cosmetic breast procedure like breast augmentation, breast reduction, or a breast lift.

Is it safe to combine multiple plastic surgery procedures?
For many patients, it is perfectly safe to undergo combination procedures including a mommy makeover. However, it’s important to consult with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon first to confirm that combining procedures is the safest and most beneficial surgical plan for your needs.

Tummy Tuck:

Can a tummy tuck help improve posture?
In addition to the aesthetic benefits like helping to trim the midsection, tummy tuck surgery can also provide a number of medical benefits including potentially improving a patient’s posture. Posture issues are a result of abdominal muscle damage that occurs from carrying excess skin and fat on the abdomen. By tightening these muscles, a tummy tuck can restore muscle stability to the core and improve back support and posture.

Can a tummy tuck help me lose weight?
Tummy tuck is a body contouring procedure, not weight loss surgery. While it’s true that some fat may be removed during a tummy tuck, the total amount of skin and fat removed will not weigh very much. This is why I advise my patients to reach their ideal weight before undergoing their tummy tuck.

Is it possible to become pregnant after a tummy tuck?
Yes, women can safely become pregnant and give birth following a tummy tuck. However, pregnancy can negatively affect the results of a tummy tuck and create the need for additional procedures to re-achieve your pre-pregnancy figure. This is why I typically recommend that my patients wait until they are finished having children before undergoing a tummy tuck or any other body contouring surgery.