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Dr. Allyson Maske performs the following Breast procedures:

Breast Reconstruction Breast Lift
Breast Augmentation Breast Reduction
Breast Augmentation FAQs Breast Surgery For Poland’s Syndrome

Breast Reconstruction

Atlanta plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Allyson Maske understands that breast reconstruction surgery is a physically and emotionally taxing procedure for patients. Dr. Maske performs breast reconstruction surgery to rebuild the breast(s) of women who have survived trauma, congenital issues like Poland’s syndrome, or the treatment of breast cancer.

Dr. Maske uses a variety of reconstructive surgery techniques including breast reconstruction with an expander and the placement of saline or silicone breast implant(s); latissimus flap reconstruction; nipple reconstruction and TRAM flap procedures to ensure optimal Atlanta breast reconstruction results.

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Breast Augmentation

Dr.Allyson Maske performs Atlanta breast enhancement surgery to improve the body contour of women. Additionally, Dr. Maske performs breast surgery to rejuvenate women’s breasts after childbirth (plastic surgery after pregnancy) or massive weight loss (post bariatric plastic surgery). Through the surgical insertion of a saline or silicone breast implant, Dr. Maske can increase breast volume for a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing proportion.

Breast enlargement with an implant is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is sometimes used in combination to enhance the results of other breast surgeries including breast lift (mastopexy) and mommy makeover surgery. Additionally, breast augmentation may be performed as part of a breast revision surgery to enhance the results of a previous cosmetic breast procedure.

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Breast Augmentation FAQs

What size breast implants are right for me?
There are many factors that go into deciding what size breast implants to choose for breast augmentation surgery. Breast implants are measured by the number of CC’s of saline or silicone within the implant as opposed to cup sizes. Before your surgery, Dr. Allyson Maske will discuss your desired cosmetic result (size, shape, feel, etc.), lifestyle (activity level, athletics, etc.), and other factors (height, weight, shoulder width, etc.) to determine which size will best suit your desired aesthetic results and lifestyle.

What is the difference between silicone and saline breast implants?
Both types of implants have an outer shell made of silicone. Saline breast implants are filled with sterile liquid saline during the surgical procedure to the patient’s specified size. In the rare chance that a saline implant ruptures, the leaking saline will be absorbed by the body and the implant will deflate. During breast revision surgery, the shell can be removed and the implant can usually be replaced.

Silicone gel has a thicker consistency than saline (similar to human fat), and silicone implants come pre-filled. While uncommon, if a silicone implant ruptures, the thicker consistency means you may not notice any complications right away. However, there is no evidence that leaking silicone gel causes any immediate or long-term damage. Like with a saline implant, the ruptured implant can be removed and replaced during revisionary surgery.

How much downtime is needed after breast augmentation surgery?
Most breast augmentation patients are able to return to work within a week after surgery. If your job is more active, it may take longer to return to work. Most patients can expect soreness for up to a month and should wait until about 4-6 weeks after surgery to resume regular exercise. As with many surgeries, there is usually swelling and bruising that resolves within a few days to a few weeks depending on the specifics of your surgery. In addition to avoiding activity, breast augmentation patients should wear the recommended supportive garments to avoid complications like capsular contracture or symastia.

Are there any risks associated with breast enhancement?
As with any surgery, breast enhancement risks can include infection, bleeding, and scar tissue. Specific to breast surgery, other rare risks include breast pain, change in nipple sensation, and implant leakage or rupture. Dr. Maske takes every precaution in order to minimize the risks associated with surgery including looking into family history, personal medical history, and other important factors. Dr. Maske discusses these risks and risk factors with each patient before surgery to make sure the surgery and the patient are a good match.

Am I a good candidate for a breast augmentation?
Individuals who feel as though their breasts are too small, have issues fitting into clothing, or feel self-conscious about their breast size may make good candidates for breast augmentation surgery. Similarly, women whose breasts may have changed size and/or shape after pregnancy or weight loss may also be candidates for breast augmentation surgery as part of mommy makeover or post-weight loss plastic surgery. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Maske to determine if you are a good candidate for breast enhancement surgery.

Why should I choose you for my breast augmentation?
As a woman, Dr. Allyson Maske offers a unique perspective on plastic surgery of the female body. Understanding the cosmetic goals of women, Dr. Maske prides herself on attention to detail, listening to each patient’s concerns, and formulating an individualized surgery and recovery plan based on each patient’s needs and goals. Dr. Maske takes the whole patient into consideration to help each person achieve his or her cosmetic goals.

Breast Surgery For Poland’s Syndrome

Atlanta breast reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Allyson Maske performs surgery on Poland’s Syndrome patients to reform their breast(s). A congenital issue, Poland’s Syndrome is characterized by the partial formation of the chest muscles which results in the complete absence of one breast, a misshapen nipple, or a shortage of breast tissue. Cosmetic treatment of Poland’s varies depending on symptoms present, but may include breast enhancement with a saline or silicone breast implant or complete breast reconstruction methods (tissue expanders and TRAM flap surgery).

Poland’s Syndrome occurs more often in boys than in girls, but is more noticeable in women due to the more pronounced nature of the female breast. To learn more about breast reconstruction surgery for the treatment of Poland’s Syndrome visit Dr. Maske’s website or contact her office to schedule an Atlanta reconstructive surgery consultation.

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