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Located at our Northside Location in Atlanta, GA.

Disclaimer: These are patient testimonials written by real patients of Dr. Elliott’s.  Every case is unique and individual patient’s results may vary on a case by case basis.

Patient Comments

Dear Dr. Elliott, I would like to take this time to say thank you so much. I’ve been ashamed of my arms for the last 23 years of my life. Now I can be free of that shame thanks to you. I knew from the time I clicked on your photo and read your biography that you were the right doctor for me. From my very first consultation, I did not second guess choosing you. You made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. My surgery went well. I feel you took very good care of me, as if I was family. And I can’t forget the staff; they were amazing as well. I don’t know what I would have done without you. In my eyes, you’re the best plastic surgeon in the Atlanta area. If I were to have any other procedure done, you would be the only choice.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Much love, K.N.

Dear Dr. Elliott, I want to express to you my gratitude for all that you have done for me. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with my results, and it has not even been two weeks yet. My family and I just think you are the greatest! I would not have let another surgeon touch my face! Over the years, our family and friends just know that you are the best! I will always appreciate and feel blessed that you were my surgeon.
God certainly blessed you, and I am truly grateful to you.
– Sincerely, J.

After my mastectomy for breast cancer, I was referred to Dr. Elliott for my reconstructive surgery, and I’m so grateful that I was. Dr. Elliott and his team are outstanding. They listened to my concerns and wishes, and they worked to give me a reconstruction that I am completely happy with. Dr. Elliott and Patti are tremendously professional, knowledgeable, and competent; this gave me confidence and peace of mind regarding the entire process. It was also wonderful to work with the nurses and other staff members. Suzanne was particularly helpful in dealing with my insurance company, getting my appointments scheduled, and in helping me find answers to any question I had about the process. When I speak to other women who are going through treatment for breast cancer, I always mention the great experience I had working with Dr. Elliott and his team.
– AW

Upon putting my mind to making a lifestyle change and after losing 85 pounds and having all this hanging skin I did some research and with careful consideration I chose L. Franklynn Elliott. He was warm and inviting and a breath of fresh air. I was so nervous going in to him for the initial consult but when he came in the room he made me feel comfortable and beautiful. July 1, 2014, I had my first 2 procedures done. My experience from the time of the surgery to today, going every week to appointments, has been a pleasure. I love my first step results. Dr. Elliot has been so kind. He is an Awesome guy and I was BLESSED to have found him. Crying right know because of the gratitude in my heart for taking my case and bring my self esteem back. Thank you L. Franklyn Elliott you are the BEST. I will forever be eternally grateful. Words can not describe how I feel.”
– A

I can’t thank Atlanta Plastic Surgery and Dr. Elliott enough! I had gynecomastia surgery in June 2014 and the results are unbelievable. With a crazy work schedule it was hard for me to lock down a specific date for surgery. The office was very flexible scheduling a date for my procedure and I can’t thank them enough for that. Overall the results are incredible and the whole process was very easy. I would recommend anyone to use Dr. Elliott at Atlanta Plastic Surgery for any of their cosmetic surgery needs.”
– G

I’m 61 and for awhile now I’ve been trying to get up enough courage to do something about my “neck”. So, I asked my doctor if she knew a “great” plastic surgeon. Without hesitation, she said, “absolutely the best is Dr. Franklyn Elliott. He’s the plastic surgeon I’d recommend.”
I knew after my consultation visit with Dr. Elliott that I was ready and confident about having a facelift.
It’s been 3 months since my surgery, and I never pass up looking in a mirror, like I did before.
I really get a kick from people saying: “have you done something different with your hair?”, “did you loose weight?”, “you don’t look 61”, etc. Of course, it’s all about how fantastic I look!
So, how do you wipe years from your face, and still look so natural? Well, for me, it’s because of Dr. Elliott.
Thanks to him and his entire staff, the experience and outcome was more than worth it!!! B

Dr. Elliott … words could NEVER express our true gratitude to you! God Bless You! B

Dear Dr. Elliott,
I want to take this opportunity to “Thank You” and your staff for your patience, professional service and concern that you’ve continued to show over the past 2 years, during our discussions regarding my Breast Reconstruction Surgery. I found you to be one of the most realistic, honest and caring physicians in the Atlanta area. I realize over the past years this was a big decision, but I’m so pleased you did not give up. Thanks for giving me all of my options and allowing us to work together to determine the best for my circumstance. Dr. Elliott, I’m very pleased with the results of my surgery and for the first time in many years, I feel restored. My breast look awesome! Dr. Elliott, I could not believe within three weeks I was back to work!
I will also be grateful to you and your staff!
Thank you, C

I wanted to express my thanks to you. I have sent two of my dear friends into your office recently. I told them how kind and efficient you are and was confident you would help them as they begin facing their options. Along with the expert surgical care I received, I appreciate the kindness and compassion from you Suzanne, Dr Elliott and Patty, along with all the staff in the office, that you have shown to my friends. Please express my gratitude and appreciation to Dr Elliott and Patty too. I do hope and pray I will not be sending any of my friends in to see you again soon! You know what I mean! But if others find themselves facing decisions of breast reconstruction after mastectomy, I will continue to point them to you. You were all so kind and compassionate as I went through these tough decisions and the whole process. Thanks again. Please give my best to Dr Elliott and Patty. D

As their patient for a few procedures (following a loss of 175 pounds from bariatric surgery), I can confirm that everyone on “Team Elliott” are simply the best! Suzanne, Michelle, Patti and Dr. Elliott all work together flawlessly to make their patients feel comfortable and like one of their friends, not just a patient. From the moment I met him, Dr. Elliott’s honest approach to what he felt he and his team could do for me, I was confident that I’d get the best care and results possible…and I DID! They ROCK! M

Dear Dr. Elliott and team, I just wanted to take a minute on behalf of my wife and me, to personally thank you for the reconstructive breast surgery you performed in 2012. You and your team, Patti, Michelle and Suzanne could not have treated us any better. We cannot adequately put into words the gratitude we feel towards all of you. In addition to providing incredible medical care, you guys were willing to work with us and our insurance provider to help us manage the overwhelming medical bills we were facing. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate that. No one is ever prepared for a cancer diagnosis. But the information and the cooperation that you all provided was instrumental in helping us deal with the last 15 months. We have recommended you a thousand times since D’s surgery. That will continue as long as you are practicing. We are life long fans. You guys are the best. Thanks again! B & D

Dear Dr. Elliott, Thank you for everything you have done for me over my twenty two month journey of my breast reconstruction surgery. When I came to your office in July 2011, with only skin grafts on my chest, for my consultation with you about what my options were for my breast reconstruction, I knew you were the one and only one who could get me where I am today. I have been in awe of your knowledge, skill, dedication, professionalism and the care you have given to me. I know there were some set backs we did not expect, but we got through them together. Without you, it would have been very difficult for me to continue. I know I pushed you sometimes, but you did not give up on me. You knew when to say no not now, let’s wait awhile for the next step. You were always honest with me and I thank you. Looking at myself after the final surgery two weeks ago, I would have never dreamed I would have I would have breasts again, but they are beautiful to me. I want women looking for breast reconstruction, no matter how difficult, to review my words and know they have found the right Plastic Surgeon. Your 23 years of dedication to the field of breast reconstruction puts you at the top of Plastic Surgeons. I am happy my heart chose you. You will always have a special place in my heart for the rest of my life. I pray the best for you and your family. G.B.

Just a thank you for the wonderful job you did on my lipo many years ago. There is not a day that goes by that I do not silently thank you for making such a great change in my body and my happiness with it. Clothes fit and look good – I feel “normal” as a result. P.C.

Dear Dr. Elliott and staff,
I want to express to you all my appreciation for the excellent care you’ve given me recently, as well as over the past several years. Your genuine concern and attentiveness mean a great deal to me as a patient. May God continue to bless the great work you all do!