Understanding Trends and Benefits of Male Plastic Surgery

At Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C., our board certified plastic surgeons have provided all forms of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery to people from all over the world for nearly fifty years, and in that time attitudes towards plastic surgery have evolved a great deal.  For example, even though they were once believed to be the sole province of women, the popularity of plastic surgery for the face and body has been steadily rising among men.  In that last year alone, nearly 1.3 million men chose to undergo male plastic surgery procedures, an increase of nearly 25% since 2000.  More often than not, men are looking to gain the same things from plastic surgery as their female counterparts: increased confidence and a more athletic and younger-looking appearance.  However, understanding which procedures are most popular among men can provide valuable insights that can maximize their satisfaction with their final plastic surgery results.

Understanding Trends and Benefits of Male Plastic SurgeryProcedures for Facial Aging

Men in certain professions can feel a great deal of pressure to look their best, and many who are successful and established seek out plastic surgery to give them a rejuvenated appearance that will help them compete in a corporate environment increasingly dominated by their younger peers.  Rather than undergo a full facelift, many of these men tend to gravitate towards subtle procedures that lift or reshape very specific areas of the face, so that they can achieve noticeable results without it being obvious that a plastic surgery procedure was actually performed.  Blepharoplasty, a procedure performed on the upper and/or lower eyelids to remove excess skin and fat deposits from the areas around and/or underneath the eye, cheek or chin augmentation for a more defined and commanding profile, or a brow lift to alleviate deep forehead wrinkles have all become extremely popular.  Men have also begun to gravitate, in ever-increasing numbers, to minimally invasive anti-aging facial rejuvenation.  Cosmetic injections with Botox® and any of the various facial fillers or chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing can smooth away wrinkles and make the entire face look younger with only minimal discomfort or recovery time.

Procedures for Body Contouring

Many men have difficulty maintaining a trim and well-defined midsection, particularly given the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of the average American office worker.  This is perhaps one of the reasons why the most popular forms of plastic surgery among men include body contouring procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks.  Designed not only to help reduce excess skin and fat, but to also re-tighten abdominal muscles that have become  stretched out of shape by excessive, long-term weight gain, a tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) can be one of the best ways to restore the midsection to trim firmness.  Additionally, many men who suffer from gynecomastia, a common condition that results in the formation of excess breast tissue, can benefit from liposuction or modified male breast reduction techniques.

Understanding what men are looking for in plastic surgery procedures helps our surgeons get to the heart of each individual patients goals, and understanding those goals is the best way to help them achieve exceptional plastic surgery results.  If you have questions about facial rejuvenation, or would like to learn more about any of the various anti-aging procedures that we can provide, please contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. at one of our Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, or Newnan offices to schedule a consultation.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest plastic surgery news.