Important Things to Consider Before Breast Augmentation

Last month, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released their annual cosmetic plastic surgery statistics, and it came as no surprise that breast augmentations (commonly known as “boob jobs”) remain the most frequently performed form of cosmetic plastic surgery in the United States.  Because the popularity of breast augmentation surgery is so widespread, people sometimes mistakenly believe that the procedure is simple and straightforward.  This is not the case.  In fact, one of the reasons why breast augmentation is so popular is because it is so versatile.  Every woman has her own individual goals and requirements, and the procedure can be modified in a variety of ways to customize it to the specific needs of the patient.  Enhancing the appearance of the breasts requires a bit of pre-planning, and there are several important choices that you will need to make before your breast augmentation procedure.

Important Things to Consider before Breast Augmentation

Choosing Your Breast Implants

Every breast augmentation patient understands that they will have to choose the size of their breast implants, and many look forward to “trying on” different sizes to see which gives them the look they want.  Deciding on the appropriate implant size often depends on the patient’s body frame, original breast size, shoulder width, as well as their height and weight, but the choices don’t end there.  Breast implants can also be filled with either a fluid silicone or sterile saline solution, and while the former is more popular, some women prefer saline implants because they can be inserted into the breast pocket while they are empty and then filled after they are inside, requiring smaller incisions and potentially leaving smaller scars.  Additionally, tear-drop shaped breast implants and cohesive “gummy bear” implants have both become very popular alternatives to traditional round breast implants.  Women can even choose between implants with a smooth or textured outer surface.  Each of these choices will affect how the breasts will ultimately look and feel and can, in some cases, even affect recovery time or the chance for complications. During a consultation, one of our Atlanta plastic surgeons will go over the pros and cons of each implant type so that you can together determine which is right for you.

Deciding on a Surgical Approach

Not only are there many different kinds of breast implants, but there are also many different ways to perform the breast augmentation procedure itself.  Surgical incisions, for example, are typically made in the fold underneath the breast, where they are easily concealed, but can also be made in the armpit, in the navel, or even around the areola, depending on the anatomy and the skin laxity of the patient.  A patient will also need to decide whether to have her breast implants placed above or below the pectoral (chest) muscles, and there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to both positions.  Like the choice of implant, these decisions will ultimately affect the look and feel of the breasts, the appearance of any scars, and the likelihood of breast surgery complications.  So it is extremely important that you carefully discuss these choices during your plastic surgery consultation with your surgeon so you can select the options that best suit your individual anatomy and medical history.

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