What Is a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeoverMany times women want to regain their youthful body shape following
pregnancy but find that diet and exercise are not enough. They will consider
what is called a Mommy Makeover. Put simply, a Mommy Makeover is a
series of procedures and surgeries that can reshape and enhance the body
following pregnancy. A Mommy Makeover is a term used to describe the
procedure but is not a single surgery. A Mommy Makeover can include any
of the following: a tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, breast
reduction, and liposuction.

Who Is a Candidate for Mommy Makeover?

You may be a good candidate for this surgery if you are concerned about the
size and shape of your breasts have excess skin or a pooch in your tummy,
or have pockets of fat that do not get better with diet and exercise,
We recommend that you be at your goal weight for at least six months and
wait until you have stopped breastfeeding for at least six months after the
birth of your child before considering this procedure. Mommy makeover is
recommended for women who do not plan to have any more children, as
additional pregnancies can undo the results of your mommy makeover.

How Should I Prepare for My Procedure?

Your board-certified plastic surgeon here at Atlanta Plastic Surgery will give
you specific instructions before your surgery but in general you should:

  • Get a full medical evaluation
  • Stop taking aspirin, herbal supplements, or other medications that increase bleeding
  • Stop smoking

What can I expect after my mommy makeover surgery?

Since a mommy makeover encompasses more than one surgery, you may
not heal any faster, but you will only have to heal once. Most patients should
expect to take 7-10 days before returning to any kind of light activity. You
should also have someone who can help you care for your children, help with
laundry, driving, and lifting. Make sure you arrange for someone to drive you
home the day of your surgery. You should not be doing any heavy lifting
(such as picking up children or high-intensity exercise) for at least six weeks.
Closely following your surgeon’s post-operative instructions so that
everything heals properly is extremely important.

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