Ask the Experts: Other Common Facial Procedures

close-up-female-faceHere at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons offer and perform an array of cosmetic surgery procedures for the face. Although a facelift may be synonymous with facial rejuvenation for some patients, it’s important to remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Other facial procedures can be just as helpful for patients who seek to refresh specific areas of the face that a facelift may not be able to address. That’s why we were happy to answer a few questions about some of the more common plastic surgery procedures for the face that we perform.

Question #1: What aesthetic issues can ear surgery help correct?

We perform ear surgery to help patients who want to decrease the size of overly large ears that throw off the proportion of their other facial features. The surgery can also help by augmenting the shape of the ears to correct the appearance of “protruding” ears. In some cases, a patient may come to us to correct or “revise” the results of a previous ear surgery.

Question #2: How painful is eyelid surgery?

Although every patient’s experience is unique, very few of our patients deal with considerable discomfort following eyelid surgery. As with any cosmetic procedure, some post-surgery swelling and bruising should be expected. However, these symptoms are typically manageable and subside within the days following the procedure. Patients are often able to recover comfortably at home following eyelid surgery.

Question #3: How much scarring should I expect following a brow lift?

Our board-certified plastic surgeons have considerable experience performing brow lift (or forehead lift) procedures. This includes the understanding and ability to minimize and conceal visible scarring for our patients. For certain patients, we may perform a brow lift using an endoscopic technique that utilizes a series of tiny incisions around the scalp that greatly reduces scarring after surgery.

If you are interested in changing some aspect of your facial appearance, you may have more procedure options than you initially realized. We use all pre-surgery consultation appointments to educate our patients about all of their potential treatment options to help them determine the most helpful surgical path possible. For more information, please contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery to schedule a plastic surgery consultation at one of our Atlanta, Alpharetta, Midtown, Cumming, or Canton area locations. And don’t forget to follow along with us on Facebook and Twitter for additional plastic surgery tips, news, photos, and much more.