True Or False: Common Plastic Surgery Myths

three-people-having-a-discussionIt’s a fact that today plastic surgery is safer and more effective than it has ever been before. This is a big reason why the number of plastic surgery procedures performed annually has increased so steadily over the last two decades. However, this surge in prevalence hasn’t fully put an end to some people’s hesitation or skepticism in regards to plastic surgery. In our experience, the assurance from skilled, experienced plastic surgeons like the experts here at Atlanta Plastic Surgery is often the best way to help address these concerns. That’s why we wanted to shed some light on a few common statements we hear to differentiate fact from fiction.

Plastic Surgery Is Exclusively For People Age 40 And Up

This is far from the truth. While many of the cosmetic surgery procedures that we perform do provide outstanding, anti-aging results, plastic surgery can help adults of any age. Certain procedures like breast augmentation, breast lift surgery, liposuction, and rhinoplasty are consistently in-demand with patients under 40. When determining whether our patient is a good candidate for their procedure, age is simply only one factor that we consider.

Plastic Surgery Always Means Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery refers to procedures specifically intended to alter and improve some aspect of a patient’s appearance. Plastic surgery is very versatile and includes reconstructive procedures like breast reconstruction surgery as well. If a doctor describes themself as a “cosmetic surgeon” it’s important to infer about what qualifications they have and to confirm that they are qualified to safely perform your surgery.

My Results Will Look “Over-Done” Following Plastic Surgery

People change, as do preferences in regards to how patients wish to look following their plastic surgery. These days, many people seek plastic surgery results that are more subtle and natural-looking. Here at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, we specialize in accentuating and improving specific features without completely altering our patient’s entire appearance.

In our experience, an in-person consultation is the best way to allay any concerns or uncertainties that you may have regarding plastic surgery. That’s why it’s so vital for patients to put in the time and research in order to come prepared and get the absolute most out of their pre-surgery consultation appointment. For more information, please contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery to schedule a plastic surgery consultation at one of our Atlanta, Alpharetta, Midtown, Cumming, or Canton area locations. And follow along with us Facebook and Twitter for additional plastic surgery tips, news, photos, and much more.