How to Prepare for a Facial Plastic Surgery Procedure

patient-doctor-consultIf you’ve recently decided to get facial plastic surgery, you are not alone. In fact, in 2019, over 335,000 Americans underwent a surgical facial procedure according to The Aesthetic Society. Whether you’re planning on getting eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty (nose surgery), a mini facelift or anything in between, you may not know exactly what to expect. To help assist you, our doctors at Atlanta Plastic Surgery have compiled a few pre-surgery common practices and tips about what you should prepare for before surgery.

Prepare at Home In Advance
After surgery of any type, getting enough rest is essential for a smooth recovery. While recovery times do vary depending on the procedure, preparing your home for the days and weeks following your surgery will make your life easier. One step you can take is to prep your kitchen by making meals ahead of time and buying pre-packaged foods that don’t require much preparation such as cut-up fruit or cheese sticks. In addition, during this time you should be primarily eating foods that boost your immune system health such as protein and healthy fats, so stock up on these healthy choices.

Another recovery tip is to make sure you have a designated area prepared for you to rest in. An ideal recovery environment should be stress-free and contain essential items such as prescribed medications. Many patients put a stash of items next to their bed like medications, books, electronics, and anything else that will help you recover comfortably. Make sure you have easy access to a bathroom. If you serve as a caretaker for others, such as children or parents, make sure that you arrange for someone else to take care of them while you rest.

Be Patient and Have Realistic Expectations
As soon as facial surgery is over, some patients expect to see results immediately and then become upset or disappointed because the changes weren’t instant. It’s important to remember that healing takes time. After surgery, it is common for the skin to swell and for scars to take time to fade. Most patients don’t see their final results for weeks or even months.

The most satisfied patients are the ones who come in with realistic expectations. Plastic surgeons are unable to alter your genetics, your tissue tone or certain other underlying factors. The better informed you are about how your body will respond to the surgery, the happier you will be with your results. This is why meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your unique situation is essential for knowing what you can expect.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions
Out of all the preparations you can make, carefully following the instructions your surgeon provides is the most important thing you can do. Cutting corners and not following the unique plan your surgeon laid out can hinder your surgery results and be extremely harmful to your overall well-being and health.

Most instructions will recommend that you get plenty of rest, drink a lot of fluids, refrain from certain types of exercise and take medications as directed. Patients are also advised to avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine both before and after their procedure. Your specific instructions will depend on your procedure and your medical history, though, so follow the guidelines your surgeon has given you.

Here at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, our surgeons are committed to providing you with the best facial plastic surgery experience possible. We give each patient detailed recovery plans tailored to your needs and we are available to answer any questions you may have. If you’re interested in facial plastic surgery at any of our Atlanta, Alpharetta, or Cumming locations, reach out to us to schedule a plastic surgery consultation today. Additionally, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips and updates.