Breast Augmentation Surgery: The Facts About What to Expect Post-Procedure

doctor-consults-with-female-patientWith over 380,000 procedures performed in the U.S. in 2019, breast augmentation is one of the most popular and common plastic surgeries offered. Like any other surgical procedure, there are common and normal symptoms you should expect to experience after your surgery. However, every recovery period is different and our physicians will provide you with a customized aftercare plan specifically for you! Below are a few of the more common things to expect post-procedure.

There is a two to six week recovery period.
The amount of time it takes to fully recover varies from person to person and depends on a number of factors. Typically, most patients are expected to recover in two to six weeks. In the first week, it is common to experience stiffness and soreness in the chest area. You will need to wear a support bra, which helps to reduce swelling and any discomfort you may experience. In addition, you should avoid heavy lifting, high, impact exercises and upper body strength activities. However, we’ve seen that most patients are able to return to work within a few days to a week after their procedure. Between weeks two through six, it’s important to minimize physical activity and be gentle with your breasts for at least a month. Long-term care includes scheduling routine visits with your plastic surgeon, mammograms and performing self breast checks regularly.

The first 48 hours are normally the most painful.
After your breast augmentation, stretching the breast tissue can be painful, but it will quickly improve and relax with time. The majority of your discomfort post-procedure will be gone after the first 48 hours. The pain will decrease each day and can be minimized with pain relievers, light chest massages we can show you and your support bra.

Some common symptoms can be experienced.
In the same way that a plastic surgery recovery period varies, the symptoms that patients experience vary as well. Some common symptoms can include: breasts feeling tight or sensitive to the touch, warm and itchy skin, difficulty raising your arms, discoloration, light redness and swelling. Most of these symptoms will improve and disappear early on during the recovery period and your surgeon will give you more details about what to expect or when. However, if any of your symptoms last longer than expected, contact us directly if necessary or follow the instructions we provided to you.

At Atlanta Plastic Surgery, our surgeons are dedicated to providing you with the best care possible and making sure your recovery period goes smoothly. We provide each patient with detailed recovery plans tailored to your needs and our plastic surgeons will schedule any follow-up appointments you need after your surgery. If you’re interested in breast augmentation at any of our Atlanta, Alpharetta, or Cumming locations, please reach out to us to schedule a consultation today. In addition, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips, news and updates.