Breast Trends Move Toward a More Natural Look

According to a study by The Aesthetic Society, plastic surgeons experienced a 14.9% decline in breast augmentation and a 34.4% increase in implant removal or explantation in 2019. There could be various reasons for this trend in obtaining a smaller bosom, a few of which include easier movement for those who are active, new and evolving aesthetic trends, less back pain, and less chance of complication due to implants. Whatever your reason is for obtaining smaller breasts, Atlanta Plastic Surgery is supportive of you and willing to help you achieve amazing natural-looking breasts. Below, we will discuss three reasons for why breast trends are moving toward a more natural look.

One of the reasons for the downward trend in breast augmentation may be pop culture and the body acceptance movement. More women are interested in natural and subtle results. Filters and photo editing apps are also a large contributor to this trend. Filters often enhance a person’s appearance ever so slightly by smoothing faces and molding bodies into the perfect curve—often causing women to look different, but still recognizable. Fewer women are feeling the desire to replicate the body of a curvaceous celebrity and more women are interested in looking like subtly improved versions of themselves.

Breast Implant Illness
Some women have begun expressing their concern over the little-researched phenomenon known as breast implant illness (BII). As of now, BII is not widely recognized as a diagnosable medical condition and much research is needed to validate it as such. Only around 1% of breast implants run the risk of complications or adverse outcomes according to the FDA. However, the spread of BII symptoms throughout web forums has caused many women to ditch their implants.

The Rise of New Procedures
There are more breast procedures available now than ever and there are many more being pioneered at this moment. Many women can now achieve larger breasts without implants. A few alternative procedures for breast augmentation include tissue expansion, fat transfer, or a combination of procedures. Tissue expansion is when a device is used to stretch breast skin and tissue. This method of breast enhancement is often use for women who have experienced tissue changes from breast cancer or mastectomy. Fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, is when fat is removed from one part of the body, purified, and transferred to a desired part of the body. Fat transfer is not just used in breast enhancement, it is also popular in plumping areas such as the face, thighs, and buttocks.

Because of COVID-19, plastic surgery will likely see a decline in all areas of plastic surgery in 2020 due to state-mandated closures throughout the US and abroad, as well as the economic impact of COVID-19. When contemplating if plastic surgery is right for you, it is important that you understand the additional risks and new protocols and procedures of plastic surgery during COVID-19.

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