Moving Forward: COVID-19 Care and Protocol

Due to lower and stable COVID-19 cases in Georgia, Governor Kemp has made the decision to end the shelter in place—reopening our economy and resuming most business. This blog is a promise to you, our valued patients, that Atlanta Plastic Surgery is implementing new care and patient protocol. We are carefully monitoring and following new and emerging guidelines introduced as the first phase of reinstating elective surgeries.

Timing Changes

As many of you know, plastic and cosmetic procedures are often elective surgeries. This means that facilities, beds, ventilators, medications, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other essential equipment must accommodate those in immediate need first. We are now able to operate and resume planning surgeries due to the sustained 14-day reduction in COVID-19 cases in many areas of Georgia. Some of our providers will be reinstating regular hours while others will have modified hours. Please call in advance to make an appointment.

New Hygienic Practices

New protocols have been put in place for the cleaning and disinfection of facilities and equipment used in surgery and recovery. Patient waiting and exam rooms will be thoroughly sanitized in between patients. All staff will implement advanced hand-washing hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE), and masks.

COVID-19 Screening

Patients will have to be screened for symptoms prior to surgery or access to a surgical facility. Upon arrival, patients will have their temperatures taken. Along with patients, staff and other personnel will be screened regularly for symptoms of COVID-19.

Doing Your Part

When searching for the right plastic surgeon, it is important that you choose one who is knowledgeable and following proper COVID-19 protocol. As a patient, be honest and open with your surgeon about your symptoms and exposure to COVID-19, as well as any concern you may have. You should also continue to social distance yourself and practice regular hand-washing. We will get through this as long as we all do our part to limit the exposure of the virus to those around us.

We want you to be assured that Atlanta Plastic Surgery is doing all that we can to make you feel safe and well cared for in a post COVID-19 world. If you would like to schedule an appointment at one of our locations or for more information about our new and improved protocols, feel free to contact us as (404) 256-1311. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more practice updates.