Happy Holidays from the Atlanta Plastic Surgery Family

For over 50 years, Atlanta Plastic Surgery has been recognized as one of the Southeast’s premier cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery centers. Every year, we make a point to look back on what we’ve accomplished, who we’ve helped, and how we can make our services even better moving forward. With things slowing down a bit during the holiday season, we think it’s important to pause and reflect on what we do. And every year, we’re reminded of how truly grateful we are to have such wonderful patients.

plastic surgery, educational, breast reconstruction, facial rejuvenation, TRAM flapWhether you come to Atlanta Plastic Surgery to have breast reconstruction after breast-cancer treatment or merely to alleviate some signs of aging with <nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedures, we cannot express how inspired we are by your support. We’re always committed to achieving the best plastic surgery results, but reflecting on the support of our patients during this time of year makes us realize how fortunate we are. We feel a renewed sense of gratitude and responsibility, and we’re reminded why we’ve always gone above and beyond in everything we do—from helping people look their best, to providing the most outstanding customer service possible, to helping educate readers with this blog.

We’re proud of the skill, commitment, and kindness our surgeons have demonstrated this year, and we’re looking forward to bringing those qualities into the upcoming decade and beyond. Atlanta Plastic Surgery has a strong track record of innovation. Cofounder Dr. Carl Hartrampf was a pioneer in the development of the revolutionary TRAM flap breast reconstruction technique, and many have benefited from this surgery. Additionally, our current team is responsible for a whole host of research and clinical contributions and has continued to incorporate the most advanced technology and techniques into the services we provide, and we’re excited to continue pursuing excellence as we end this year and begin a new one. Our surgeons have positively impacted countless people’s lives, and their dedication and work will continue to do so indefinitely. We couldn’t be prouder.

Everyone at Atlanta Plastic Surgery would like to wish our patients and readers a restful, peaceful, and love-filled holiday season, as well as a happy and fruitful new year. Let us take what we’ve learned and make 2020 even better than this fantastic year has been!

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