Where is Fat Transfer Most Commonly Used?

fat-transfer-a-natural-option-for-breast-augmentationTo many plastic surgeons and patients alike, fat transfer is one of the most revolutionary developments to occur in a long time. People love fat transfer’s ability to reproduce the feel of natural tissue, capacity to make the skin appear younger and healthier, and exceptionally high degree of safety. However, many people remain unfamiliar with just how much this incredible process can do. Fat transfer is a versatile technique with many different applications, but some of the most common are:

  • Breast(s) – A patient who wants a modest breast-size increase may be able to use fat transfer to achieve a natural look & feel that some people prefer to breast implants. Fat transfer is also frequently used in combination with breast augmentation, for breast reconstruction after mastectomy, for the correction of breast asymmetry, to repair radiation tissue damage, and more.
  • Face – When used as part of a facelift or other facial procedure, fat transfer is an extremely effective technique for restoring volume to hollowed out, gaunt, and/or wrinkled regions of the face. Many people love the way that fat transfer can recreate the look & feel of a naturally young face. While fat may not be the first element of facial beauty that comes to mind, it’s a key factor in appearing young and healthy.
  • Butt – Otherwise known as the Brazilian butt lift, buttock augmentation with fat transfer has grown increasingly popular in recent years. Fat transfer can also be used to make the butt appear perkier.
  • Hips – Fat transfer is many people’s preferred method for achieving a better waist-hip ratio and making their overall figure appear more feminine.
  • Scars – People with depressed scars may be able to choose fat transfer to fill out the affected areas and make their skin texture appear more consistent.


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