Can Plastic Surgery Fix My Double Chin?

One of the most common reasons people walk through the doors of Atlanta Plastic Surgery is to alleviate signs of aging. When most people think of signs of aging, the first thing that comes to mind is likely wrinkles. However, aging has many other physical consequences, a very common one being the dreaded double chin or “turkey neck.” A lot of people develop extra fat and/or skin underneath their chin as they age, but it can also be caused by various other factors (such as weight fluctuations, genetics, or seemingly nothing at all). Fortunately, there are several solutions to this issue. Some patients may be good candidates for nonsurgical procedures, such as CoolSculpting® or KYBELLA®, but patients with large amounts of extra tissue underneath their chins may benefit more from one of the surgical options we offer:

A Closer Look at Neck LiftsLiposuction is often used on the chin area to effectively reduce the appearance of a double chin. If the main culprit in your dissatisfaction with your chin & neck’s appearance is fat, liposuction can likely take care of the issue. However, you may require a neck lift or other cosmetic treatments to correct any loose or sagging skin that’s left behind after your liposuction treatment. You will likely experience moderate swelling, bruising, & minor discomfort in the days following your liposuction procedure, but after one to two weeks of recovery, you’ll find yourself with a noticeably more appealing contour in your chin & neck area.

A neck lift alone may be sufficient to remedy a double chin, though in such a case it’s likely more accurate (albeit less flattering) to refer to it as a “turkey neck.” During a neck lift, the skin & underlying muscles on the front part of the neck are surgically tightened, helping the area regain youthful, healthy-looking definition & contour. Downtime usually amounts to about one week, and as with any surgical procedure, some temporary bruising, swelling, & discomfort can be expected.

A chin implant might be the appropriate solution for some people who are prone to having a double chin, particularly those who have a chin that doesn’t protrude enough to create the desired level of definition. In cases with multiple causes, such as a naturally non-prominent chin coupled with extra fat and/or skin, this procedure may be combined with liposuction or a neck lift to achieve the desired look. Results are immediate, and recovery time is usually about two weeks.

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