Are You A Good Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

Because thigh-lift surgery isn’t discussed as often as some other procedures, many people don’t realize how effective and beneficial it can be. Sometimes, the effects of aging can make the skin on the inner and outer thighs sag and appear flabby, and many people find that stubborn fat accumulates on the thighs once they’ve hit a certain age. Moreover, many people who achieve their weight-loss goals find themselves with persistent fat and sagging skin that diet and exercise just can’t seem to take care of. The thighs can be particularly difficult to shape through conventional means, and sometimes, surgery is the only way to get them over the aesthetic finish-line.

Are You A Good Candidate for a Thigh LiftThigh-lift surgery is a procedure in which the thighs are reshaped to give them a firmer, more youthful appearance, as well as make them better fit the proportions of the rest of the body. Our plastic surgeons accomplish this by removing excess fat and skin to make the thighs’ skin smoother and their size and shape more proportionate. Most of the people who elect to undergo thigh-lift surgery have tried getting fit through diet and exercise, but their thighs continue to hang on to some stubborn excess tissue.

A thigh lift may also be a good choice for a person whose weight has always been more-or-less the same, but whose skin has begun to sag due to the aging process. Thigh lifts can be used to get rid of excess skin and fat along the inner (medial) thigh, the outer (lateral) thigh, or both. Although we usually remove some excess fat during this procedure, the primary purpose of a thigh lift is not to remove fat. Rather, we aim to contour the thighs into a more aesthetically appealing shape.

In order for your thigh-lift surgery to have an optimal outcome, your weight should be relatively stable at the time of the procedure. As with liposuction, you should lose as much weight as a reasonable diet and exercise routine will allow before having a thigh lift. Moreover, you should be realistically confident you’ll be able to maintain that weight. We recommend reaching and maintaining a weight within 10-15 lbs. of your target weight at least six months before you plan to have surgery.

You’ll need to stay away from smoking, and indeed all nicotine products, for at least two-to-three weeks before and two-to-three weeks after any plastic-surgery procedure. Nicotine can put you at higher risk poor healing and other problems. Confirm that you don’t have any medical conditions that might impair the healing process. Discuss any concerns with your surgeon beforehand, and make sure you fully and realistically understand the possible outcomes of your procedure. Make your expectations clear with your surgeon.

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