What Can Neck Rejuvenation Do for You?

One of the most difficult things about addressing facial aging is that many patients are unsure exactly where to begin.  The face is made up of an extremely complex network of tissues, muscles, and nerves and even the smallest change can make a significant difference.  So while an average person may look in the mirror and recognize that they generally “look older,” it often takes an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to recognize the specific symptoms and the underlying causes that are contributing to that appearance.  For example, many patients who are interested in looking younger forget that the appearance of the jaw-line, chin and neck can play an extremely important role.  Among the most efficient ways to address that specific area of concern are either with liposuction and fat transfer techniques or with a full neck lift procedure.

What Can Neck Rejuvenation Do for You

Treating the signs of facial aging is, in many ways, an ongoing struggle against gravity.  As we age, the skin’s natural elasticity diminishes.  This, combined with a slow loss of facial fat volume and a loosening of the underlying facial muscles, ultimately results in facial features that gradually sag and droop.  In essence, everything starts to slide downward, which means that skin and tissue starts to collect beneath the chin and around the neck, creating loose jowls or an unsightly double chin.  This can often be counteracted with liposuction.  In fact, a facial rejuvenation technique called fat transfer takes fat that has been removed, via liposuction, from under the chin and neck and replaces it in the upper areas of the face, restoring youthful fullness.  Because this technique uses fat taken from the patient’s own body, there is no chance for rejection or allergic reaction and the results are often longer lasting than those obtained through the use of injectable facial fillers.

As the aging process progresses, the separation of the platysma muscle, which extends on each side from the upper part of the shoulder to the corner of the mouth, can create pronounced vertical bands in the neck.  This, combined with loose, sagging skin, is what many commonly refer to as a “turkey neck.”  A neck lift procedure lifts and smoothes these muscles while removing excess, sagging skin, creating a smoother and more contoured neck that makes the entire face look younger.  Scarring from a neck lift is minimal, and can be easily hidden by a skilled surgeon.  The procedure can be performed effectively on both men and women and most patients are able to go back to work in as little as one to two weeks.

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