The Uses for Fat Transfer from Top to Bottom

The field of plastic surgery is constantly evolving and plastic surgeons reveal new techniques almost every day.  Among the most popular of the recent trends in cosmetic plastic surgery is fat transfer, a technique where a small portion of the patient’s own fat is removed from the body using any of the various liposuction techniques so that it can be purified and then injected directly into the specific areas where the patient desires increased volume or projection.  One of the reasons for the popularity of fat transfer is its versatility; the technique can be applied to any of several key areas of the body.


Plumping the Face

As skin and tissue grow older, they slowly lose their natural elasticity and have a harder time holding on to moisture and fat.   This is why the face can often take on a sunken, hollow, or gaunt appearance.  Injectable facial fillers like Juvéderm® or Restylane® are excellent for restoring small amounts of facial volume to specific areas of the face, but older patients who require more total volume instead can often use fat taken from their own bodies.  For certain patients, fat transfer facial rejuvenation can provide more significant and longer-lasting results, for a lower cost, than with a comparable amount of facial filler.

Augmenting the Breasts

For several years, plastic surgeons have used fat transfer techniques to improve the results of traditional breast augmentation and breast reconstruction procedures by injecting fat between the breast bone and the edges of the breast implants to “soften” the transition zone and provide more natural looking results.  Recent advances in technology have even made it possible, in certain limited cases, to achieve a modest increase in the size of the breasts using fat transfer alone.

Enhancing the Buttocks

Perhaps the most popular use for fat transfer techniques is the Brazilian Butt Lift, a procedure that uses fat taken from the abdomen or thighs to increase the fullness, roundness and projection of the buttocks.  Far less invasive than traditional forms of buttock augmentation that rely on artificial implants, a Brazilian Butt Lift allows the patient to achieve a noticeably more defined “hourglass” figure that emphasizes the curves of the waist, hips, and thighs, without the need for a prolonged post-surgical recovery period.

Finally, since fat transfer uses purified fat that has been taken from the patient’s own body, there is virtually no chance of tissue rejection or allergic reaction.  While not all of the fat survives the transfer process, and dead fat cells are eliminated by the body’s natural processes, the fat that remains can potentially become a permanent part of the patient’s body.  If you are interested in learning more about what fat transfer or any of the other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures we perform at Atlanta Plastic Surgery might be able to do for you, please contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. at our Atlanta, Alpharetta or Cumming office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest plastic surgery news.