How Does a Mini-Facelift Treat Facial Aging?

In the nearly fifty years since Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. was founded and grew to be recognized as one of the Southeast’s premier cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery centers, we have seen the practice of plastic surgery evolve a great deal.  For example, back then the single most effective and comprehensive way to address the many different signs of facial aging was with a traditional full facelift procedure, but today this is no longer the case.  Refinements in plastic surgery techniques and a better understanding of the way the face ages have given rise to more focused procedures that are designed to specifically target key regions of the face, allowing plastic surgeons to address a patient’s individual areas of concern.  One of the most popular of these targeted procedures is the partial or mini-facelift, which can help alleviate many of the early signs of facial aging in patients who are not yet ready for the more extensive surgery that a full facelift might entail.

How Does a Mini-Facelift Treat Facial AgingA traditional full facelift procedure is designed to remove excess, sagging skin while lifting and tightening the underlying facial muscles and tissues.  It effectively provides rejuvenation for the entire face, from deep furrows on the forehead, to tiny wrinkles near the eyes, to sagging jowls around the neck.  However, it is not at all unusual for different areas of the face to age at different rates, and so it is possible that one area may require significant rejuvenation while other areas still appear relatively youthful.   In many of these cases, localized early signs of facial aging can be temporarily minimized or even erased with non-surgical wrinkle treatments and injectables like Botox® or facial fillers.  However, patients seeking longer-lasting solutions, but who still want to minimize surgical incisions, scarring, and recovery time, frequently gravitate towards a short-scar mini-facelift procedure.

A partial or mini-facelift is focuses only on the mid-face region from the top of the cheek bones to the jaw line, leaving the brow and neck areas untouched.  This reduced scope makes it possible to achieve noticeable facelift results using only a few tiny incisions near the ears or temples.  Fewer incisions and less movement of facial tissues mean that patients generally recover from a mini-facelift much more quickly, with less post-operative discomfort, and have scars that are smaller and more easily concealed.  The effects of a mini-facelift typically last between five and ten years, depending on the individual patient and various environmental factors, although non-surgical maintenance procedures, like laser skin resurfacing, facial fillers, and Botox® injectable cosmetic treatments may be able to prolong the results.

At Atlanta Plastic Surgery, our board certified plastic surgeons understand that every patient is unique.  No two faces age in exactly the same way and even different parts of the same face can age at different rates.  Only a thorough examination can determine which of the facial rejuvenation procedures that we perform at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. might be right for your individual needs.  Contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery in Alpharetta, or at one of our other Atlanta area offices located in Sandy Springs (Northside), Newnan, or Cumming, to schedule a full consultation.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest plastic surgery news.