Answering Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Revision Surgery

With nearly 300,000 procedures performed in the last year alone, breast augmentation surgery ranks consistently as the most popular form of cosmetic plastic surgery in the United States.  Even more impressively, breast augmentation procedures typically enjoy a patient satisfaction rate of 98% or higher, with the vast majority of patients affirming that their results either met or exceeded their expectations.  However, bodies and attitudes can often change over time.  Just because you are happy with your breast augmentation results today does not necessarily mean that the same will be true twenty years from now.  Desire for an aesthetic change is just one of the reasons that a woman may choose to undergo breast revision surgery, a procedure designed to address a variety of different issues that may arise months, years, or even decades after the initial procedure.  Since our founding in 1968, Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. has been recognized throughout the medical community as one of the Southeast’s premier centers for breast surgery, and in that time we have helped thousands of women to become more educated about the procedure by answering their questions about breast revision.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Revision SurgeryHow would I know if I’m a candidate for Breast Revision Surgery?

Even though breast augmentation is extremely safe, there is always a small chance that breast surgery complications may occur, as there is with any surgical procedure.  It is possible, albeit unlikely, that a breast implant may become damaged and require replacement.  Additionally, in some rare cases, scar tissue can harden around the implants, a condition known as capsular contracture which may worsen if patients fail to follow proper post-operative care.  More commonly, the gradual changes that affect a woman’s body, generally resulting from either fluctuations in weight or the birth of one or more children, can potentially make the breast implants appear unnatural or unflattering.  If this occurs, some women will choose to change the size or type of their implants in order to improve their appearance.

What happens during Breast Revision Surgery?

Every woman’s body is unique, and each patient has their own individual health considerations and aesthetic goals that need to be taken into account, so there is no single, universal approach to breast revision.  Women will often have access to advanced breast surgery options that may not have been available during their initial procedure, like form-stable “gummy bear implants” that maintain their shape even if the outer shell is damaged.  Regardless of the specifics, however, most surgeons will use the existing scars from the previous surgery for their incisions in order to minimize future scarring and ensure seamless, natural-looking breast revision results.

How difficult is the recovery after Breast Revision Surgery?

Because some procedures are more extensive than others, and because every patient heals at different rates, the recovery period after breast revision surgery can vary considerably.  In general, however, the procedure to remove or replace breast implants can actually be more comfortable than the initial breast augmentation itself, and patients often return to their normal activities within just a few days.  The breasts will likely be sore for some time after the replacement, similar to the postoperative sensation experienced following the initial breast augmentation.  The amount of postoperative discomfort largely depends on whether scar tissue was removed along with the implant and on the patient’s physical condition.

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