Winter is the Best Time of Year for Plastic Surgery

Most people would agree that cosmetic plastic surgery continues to grow more popular every year, and that the ongoing advancements in technology, combined with an increasing social acceptance, have worked together to make it more accessible and convenient than ever before.  Still, as with any major surgical procedure, even relatively noninvasive cosmetic plastic surgery is not something to be entered into lightly.  Most prospective patients spend a great deal of time and effort planning their surgery, getting time off of work for recuperation and making the necessary financial arrangements.  This naturally raises one frequently asked question: when is the best time of year to undergo plastic surgery?  Even though individual circumstances can vary significantly, our board certified plastic surgeons have found that the winter months are often an ideal time to schedule a procedure for a number of different reasons.

winter-is-the-best-time-of-year-for-plastic-surgeryGet into Shape Beforehand

Body contouring procedures, like liposuction or tummy tucks, are not really intended to help you lose weight.  In fact, they can generally achieve much more natural-looking and long-lasting results if they are performed after significant weight loss, once the body has stabilized at in ideal goal weight.  After you have had an opportunity to exercise over the course of an active summer, a cosmetic body contouring procedure can remove the excess, sagging skin and hard to reach fat deposits that have been left behind, refining and perfecting your silhouette and giving you yet another reason to keep those pounds off.

Give Yourself Time to Recover

When patients experience complications after plastic surgery, or when their results fail to live up to their expectations, it is very frequently the result of poor post-operative follow-up care.  Any major surgery will take a toll on the body, and it is often several weeks before a patient is fully recovered.  Getting back to regular activities too quickly strains healing sutures, increases inflammation, and can put patients in a position where they have to miss essential post-operative examinations.  The holiday season provides a great excuse to take it easy for a while, reducing the potential for complications and giving your doctor an opportunity to catch and address any problems before they become serious.

Consider the Financial Impact

Even though Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. offers a variety of financing and bill pay options, (including online bill pay, health insurance coverage, and Care Credit® patient financing plans) we understand that plastic surgery procedures can represent a major investment.  Added income from holiday gift giving and end-of-the-year bonuses can no doubt make a significant difference.  Moreover, in those cases where reconstructive plastic surgery procedures are covered by health insurance plans, planning your procedure for later in the year, after your deductible has already been met, can be a tremendous help.

If you are interested in undergoing plastic surgery and would like to learn more about how to properly plan for your procedure, please feel free to contact us in Alpharetta or at one of our other Atlanta area offices located in Sandy Springs (Northside), Newnan, or Cumming, to schedule a full consultation.