A Closer Look at Your Skin

A Closer Look at Your SkinThere are hundreds of different cosmetic plastic surgery procedures and techniques, all designed to address different areas of concern for just about every part of the body.  However, there is one major organ that all these procedures have in common, the skin.  Whether the goal is to address signs of facial aging or to shape the body’s contours, the issues of wrinkles, skin elasticity, and scarring are often central focuses for plastic surgeons.  Many patients may not entirely understand what the skin does or how it works and as one of the leading centers for cosmetic plastic surgery and facial rejuvenation in the southeast for nearly fifty years, the board certified specialists at Atlanta Plastic Surgery have had a lot of knowledge dealing with the skin that would be helpful to know.

The skin is actually much more complicated than it seems, but at the very core, it is made up of two layers.  The outermost layer, called the epidermis, is mainly composed of dead, hardened skin cells that act as a shield to protect the body from outside elements.  Beneath that lies the actively growing layer, called the dermis, which contains, among other elements, a network of flexible fibers that give skin elasticity.  Dead skin cells are constantly being shed from the surface of the epidermis as new skin cells regenerates, replacing the ones that are lost.  However, as we grow older and the metabolism starts to slow, the rate at which new cells are produced gradually declines.  The dermis grows thinner and less able to hold moisture while the dead skin cells on the surface build up. This can contribute to giving the face a dry and cracked appearance that can often be relieved, at least in part, with facial skin resurfacing treatments which primarily remove dead and damaged cells from the skin’s surface.

Moreover, the loss of collagen and elastin (which provide flexibility) and fat (which provides support and volume) from the dermis, particularly in the thin tissues of the face, can cause the skin to sag and droop, leading to everything from laugh lines and wrinkles to sagging jowls.  Loss of general elasticity means that the repetitive facial movements that the face makes will start to leave behind tell-tale creases in the form of dynamic facial wrinkles.  Many men and women have discovered that cosmetic injectable treatments, like Botox®, can temporarily relax the muscles responsible for those movements, smoothing away wrinkles and delaying the point at which more extensive facial plastic surgery procedures might become necessary.  Other popular alternatives called facial fillers, like Juvéderm®, can help replace lost fat and moisture from the skin.

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