A Look at 2015’s Trends in Plastic Surgery

Every year, at the end of February, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) releases carefully compiled statistics on the number of plastic surgery procedures performed during the previous year.  By carefully examining the results of this comprehensive, in-depth census, it is often possible to gain valuable insight into emerging trends in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery that can, in turn, help inform important research decisions in the years to come.  At Atlanta Plastic Surgery, each of our seven board-certified plastic surgeons is heavily involved in the development of the most advanced plastic surgery techniques and technologies, and so we are particularly interested in this extremely useful information.

A Look at 2015’s Trends in Plastic SurgeryThe most dramatic trends that we observed were related to the rapidly increasing popularity of body contouring procedures to enhance the curves of the lower body, specifically in augmentations of the buttocks.  Procedures involving buttock lifts, buttock implants, and buttock augmentations with fat grafting techniques, (commonly referred to as Brazilian Butt Lifts) all saw increases of more than 25% over the past year’s totals, making these the fastest growing procedures in this year’s survey.  The overwhelming popularity of certain celebrities that are known for the emphasis they place on this particular area has presumably fueled public interest in procedures that can enhance the natural curves of the lower body, and refinements in fat transfer technologies and techniques have made those procedures safer and more effective than ever before.

Another interesting trend that emerged was the increase in the number of tummy tucks, or abdominoplasty procedures, that were performed in 2015.  While the procedures that have traditionally been the most popular all saw small declines this past year, the number of tummy tucks increased by nearly 10%, allowing them to replace facelifts on the list of the five most popular cosmetic surgical procedures for the first time since 2010.  Other forms of body contouring that are often associated with post-weight loss surgery, like arm lifts, thigh lifts, and lower body lifts, were also among the procedures that showed the most significant growth in popularity.

Body contouring procedures can be a great way to treat specific areas of stubborn fat and remove excess sagging skin, effectively improving the appearance of the overall physique.  Moreover, they can frequently be combined, like in the case of a mommy makeover, to address multiple areas during a single surgical session and reduce overall downtime and cost.

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