Top Five Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Top Five Most Popular Plastic Surgery ProceduresIt is undeniable that plastic surgery is more popular than ever.  Men and women from all walks of life, from the wealthiest celebrities to the most humble, stay-at-home moms, have embraced the virtually limitless possibilities that cosmetic plastic surgery procedures can offer.  According to annual statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the total number of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed in America has steadily risen every year, and has more than doubled since 2000.  Get some insight into what all the fuss is about as we count down the five most frequently performed surgical cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

#5: Facelift

The “Cadillac” of facial rejuvenation procedures, a full facelift removes excess, sagging skin while lifting and firming the underlying facial musculature, achieving a naturally more youthful look.  Less invasive mini-facelifts can achieve similar results in specific areas of the face for fully customized results.

#4: Blepharoplasty

Surgery on the upper or lower eyelids can help give the entire face a younger, more vital appearance by removing excess skin and fat deposits, eliminating sagging eyelids and under-eye bags that contribute to an aged and tired appearance.

#3: Liposuction

The ongoing popularity of liposuction is due, in no small part, to its versatility. Liposuction can be used on virtually any part of the body, often in concert with other plastic surgery procedures, in order to help remove isolated pockets of hard to reach fat.

#2: Rhinoplasty

Nose surgery can correct not only cosmetic issues, but also functional difficulties such as chronic congestion and sleep apnea.  In some cases, rhinoplasty can even be appropriate for use on adolescent patients, making it the most commonly performed form of facial plastic surgery in America.

#1: Breast Augmentation

With well over a quarter of a million procedures performed in the last year alone, Breast Augmentation has consistently remained the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed in America since 2006.  An ever increasing menu of surgical options allow women to safely and effectively achieve more natural looking breast augmentation results than ever before.

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