Natural Looking Breast Augmentation with Shaped Implants

For almost fifty years, people from around the world have come to Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. for exceptional aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.  Our board certified plastic surgeons have been on the forefront of innovation in breast reconstruction and augmentation ever since Atlanta Plastic Surgery co-founder Dr. Carl Hartrampf developed the TRAM flap procedure for using autogenous tissue for breast reconstruction almost 35 years ago.  One of the newest innovations in breast surgery is the advent of shaped implants, a way to give women the option for more natural looking breast augmentation results.

breast implant options at atlanta plastic surgery pcShaped implants are designed to look like a tear drop, thicker at the bottom and tapered towards the top, in order to better mimic the natural shape of the female breast.  This contoured shape provides additional fullness to the bottom of the breast without creating the rounded upper portion that some women find unnatural.  While shaped implants are available in both silicone and saline-filled versions, some of the most popular contain a more cohesive silicone gel, firmer than that which is routinely found in a round implant, commonly referred to as ‘gummy bear implants.’  All of the various types of shaped implants have their distinctive advantages, so choosing the implant type best suited to your specific needs and body type is a decision that is largely a manner of personal preference.

While traditional round (or more accurately spherical) implants can be allowed to shift slightly within the chest without any alteration in appearance, shaped implants must be anchored more firmly in the pocket, as shifting can cause significant distortion and loss of symmetry.  Hence, all shaped implants have a slightly textured, rather than smooth and slick, surface.  This not only allows them to better hold their position within the breast cavity, but also allows healing tissue to accept and integrate the breast implant more naturally, significantly reducing the risk of capsular contracture, the most common of the rare breast surgery complications.

As with all devices, these implants have advantages and disadvantages.  Before choosing an implant, every patient should discuss the potential risks and benefits with her surgeon.  If you are interested in learning more details about one of the procedures we perform at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C., contact us at one of our Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, or Newnan offices to schedule a consultation.  Additionally, we are proud to provide a variety of options for financing, including CareCreditSM and Alphaeon®, in order to assist you.  Please contact Atlanta Plastic Surgery with any questions you may have concerning the financial planning of your procedure and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest news.