Non-Surgical Treatments to Fight Facial Aging

Plastic surgery can be a significant investment, and in today’s economy it is increasingly important to make the most of every financial decision.  As a result, many are looking for ways to maintain the results of their cosmetic plastic surgery procedures for as long as possible.  Fortunately, there are many inexpensive, non-surgical cosmetic techniques that can help address the signs of facial aging and, in so doing, delay the need for more extensive surgical procedures and keep you looking younger, longer.

non surgical facial rejuvenation atlanta plastic surgery pcThe primary contributing factor to the appearance of facial aging is the deterioration of the skin.  Over time, skin suffers damage from a number of environmental factors, including exposure to sun, stress, and cigarette smoke.  This damage combines with and even exacerbates the natural loss of skin elasticity and volume that worsens over time, resulting in skin that sags and droops and creating deep wrinkles that only surgery can correct.  Some basic care and prevention, however, can help keep this damage to a minimum.  Since exposure to the ultraviolet light of the sun accounts for many signs of premature aging, even something as simple as sunscreen, which is used by younger people today more than ever before, can make a significant difference in the visible signs of aging.

But no amount of sunscreen and skincare can keep time at bay forever.  Younger individuals in their 20’s and 30’s are turning to skin resurfacing procedures in an effort to undo damage that has already been done.  Laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels can help alleviate the effects of early sun damage or residual acne scars while stimulating collagen production.  Effectively encouraging the body to produce new, younger skin, these procedures can play a huge role in helping to slow the aging process.

Finally, many have found that they can preserve their skin’s smooth, youthful appearance with Botox® and facial fillers like Juvéderm®.  Not only can Botox® Cosmetic facial injections minimize the appearance of smile and frown lines, they can also, in some cases, help prevent expression lines from forming.  By relaxing the constant movements of the facial muscles, Botox® may prevent the fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by shifts in facial expression from becoming very deep.  Moreover, facial fillers, like Juvéderm® gel, can alleviate the loss of facial volume that leads to sagging and drooping skin.  Together, these treatments can help stave off the need for more aggressive surgical treatments, such as facelifts, down the road.

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