What is Ultherapy® Skin Tightening?

As we age, our skin tends to lose its elasticity, particularly in the areas of the lower face, neck, and around the eyes.  While traditional surgical procedures can address these concerns, it is additionally beneficial to treat such issues non-surgically to not only compliment plastic surgery results but also delay the necessity of future, more comprehensive procedures.  The providers of Atlanta Plastic Surgery P.C. provide patients with the latest non-surgical skin tightening system, Ultherapy®.  This state-of-the-art technology system can lift and tone the sagging skin of the lower face, jaw, neck, chin, brows, and eye area, helping to relieve the wrinkles and jowls that can cause a tired, aged appearance.

facial rejuvenation in atlanta georgiaUlthera® skin tightening uses ultrasound technology to produce high frequency sonic vibrations that can be targeted at a specific area within the body.  The concentrated energy heats and kills targeted cells without damaging the surrounding areas.  Once the old and damaged skin cells have been destroyed, the body’s natural healing response takes over, firming and tightening loose skin by stimulating collagen production.

Unlike laser resurfacing and chemical peels, ultrasound technology bypasses the surface skin entirely, rejuvenating the skin from deep within.  As a result, it is ideally suited to addressing mild to moderate skin laxity as opposed to removing surface imperfections.  Most patients notice improvement after one treatment, with full results evident after two to three months.  As the body continues to produce collagen, the skin can continue to improve in appearance for up to six months after the procedure.  Depending on a patient’s individual situation or cosmetic goals, additional treatments may be necessary to achieve optimal results.  However, downtime is minimal, so patients can generally return to work and other activities immediately.

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