Atlanta Plastic Surgeons Showcase the Latest Breast Surgery Techniques at the 30th Annual Breast Symposium

Over the first weekend of February 2014, Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. was highly involved with the 30th annual Breast Surgery Symposium hosted at the Intercontinental Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta. Several of our board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons served as symposium chairs, moderators, and attendees at the annual meeting. Two of our plastic surgeons that specialize in breast procedures performed live surgeries to showcase the latest surgical techniques in resolving complex breast complications.

Atlanta Plastic SurgeryOn the first morning of the symposium, Northside Hospital telecasted two live surgeries. The first surgery showed a simultaneous implant removal and fat grafting procedure followed by a breast augmentation and breast lift with anatomical “gummy bear” implants. Fat grafting has become a popular topic of discussion and research in regards to breast surgery, especially for breast augmentation as it provides a natural and safe method by using the patient’s own tissue and skin.

The second surgery telecasted featured the TRAM flap technique, developed by one of Atlanta Plastic Surgery’s founders, Dr. Carl Hartrampf. The TRAM flap (transverse rectus abdominis muscle flap) uses tissue from the midsection including abdominal fat, skin and muscle to reconstruct a healthy breast mound that is safely transferred to the breast area. The TRAM flap can be performed through a pedicled or free technique with pedicled maintaining connection of all blood vessels while free TRAM separates then reconnects blood vessels after the tissue is transferred.

As the weekend continued, further cosmetic breast procedures and breast reconstruction techniques were discussed by surgeons from across the globe. The honorary Hartrampf lecture celebrated Dr. Hartrampf’s legacy and reflected on the advancements made in plastic surgery since he established this important world-renowned conference. The symposium also featured lectures and panels with topics including acellular dermal matrix technology, the latest anatomic gel implants, maintaining breast surgery complications, and optimizing patient safety.

Our sponsors and manufacturers also joined us throughout the weekend to share the latest innovations with breast implants and surgical tools. For the past 30 years, Atlanta Plastic Surgery has coordinated the planning of the symposium and live surgery broadcasts. If you are interested in learning more about our practice or any plastic surgery procedure, contact us at one of our offices today. Also, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest news.