Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C.

Since our founding in 1968, Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. has been a leader in plastic and reconstructive surgery with new developments and the latest cosmetic treatments. Throughout the past year, Atlanta Plastic Surgery has continued integrating new technology and introducing innovative surgical techniques to the practice.


Our seven board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons use their experience and knowledge to continue refining the most advanced breast, facial and body procedures ranging from reconstructive and pediatric surgery to breast enhancement and body contouring. The providers of APS are dedicated to ongoing plastic surgery research and education and look forward to further advancements in the New Year.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our patients and their families and are excited to see new developments and patients throughout the New Year! Be sure to stay up to date with us and the latest plastic surgery news by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Happy Holidays and have a safe and wonderful New Year!

Dr. Philip Beegle, Dr. Fernando Burstein, Dr. Franklyn Elliott, Dr. Allyson Maske, Dr. James Namnoum, & Dr. Joseph Williams