Plastic Surgery Patients Seek Procedures with Long Lasting Results

facial plastic surgeryDue to the state of the economy, it’s easy to assume patients who desire plastic surgery would choose less costly procedures, but a recent article released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealed this is not always the case. Based on two surveys published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (one presented to plastic surgeons and the other presented to patients), patients are more concerned with the longevity of plastic surgery results than cost, and a majority would rather postpone their procedure than settle with a quick-fix. Whether you’re seeking non-surgical or surgical plastic surgery procedures, the highly skilled surgeons at Atlanta Plastic Surgery can help meet your needs.

We offer minimally invasive procedures that often provide immediate results, but we also offer a variety of plastic surgery procedures. While 59% of the patients surveyed said they would prefer surgical procedures with long lasting results even if that meant waiting a year or more, 32% of patients choose less costly procedures. Our recent blog on the rising popularity of plastic surgery procedures despite cost discussed patients seeking less expensive options for facial plastic surgery such as cosmetic injectables, facial fillers, Matrix RF™, and Ultherapy® although results may not last as long as surgical results. For instance, Botox® and Dysport® results usually last up to four months, while facial filling products like Restylane® and Juvéderm® typically last up to six months. Results with Matrix RF™ and Ultherapy® gradually appear over time and usually last longer than injectables and fillers due to collagen stimulation.

Naturally, all patients will continue to grow and change over time, but surgical results are generally longer lasting than non-invasive results.  Many patients who want long-lasting facial plastic surgery results seek procedures like facelift or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to rejuvenate their appearance. However, some patients may be candidates for less invasive surgical procedures focused on the areas that need attention instead of the entire face like neck lift or brow lift.

The article from the Aesthetic Surgery Journal also reported a disconnect between patient desire and the plastic surgeons perception of those desires as 63% of the surgeons surveyed assumed patients were more concerned with the cost of plastic surgery than the longevity of results. Since every patient is unique, our surgeons strive to fix this disconnect by listening to each patients surgical desires during a thorough consultation.

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