What is Gynecomastia? Can it affect me?

male breast reduction AtlantaGynecomastia is the medical term for the development of excess breast and glandular tissue in men. It can be an embarrassing condition that can affect a man’s confidence and self-image. Many men who suffer from gynecomastia refuse to take off their shirts at the swimming pool or participate in activities that they feel bring attention to their chests.

As harsh as it may sound, we’ve all heard the colloquial term “man boobs” when it looks like a man has more breast tissue than is normal for his weight, height, and body shape. While many people associate this condition with men who are overweight, it’s not just a weight-related issue.
Common among all age groups, this condition doesn’t just affect men who are overweight, but can also be a result of heredity or a hormone imbalance. Even athletes can suffer from gynecomastia. For many men, this is not only a cosmetic issue but can cause embarrassment, a lack of confidence, and even an avoidance of certain activities.

Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes the extra tissue through a small incision and liposuction. The remaining tissue is stretched and tightened to create more masculine-looking contours in the chest. Our breast surgery before and after photos have examples of male breast reduction surgery patients and their results.

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