Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery Explained

Atlanta Breast Reduction Surgery ExplainedGiven the procedure’s name, it would seem like breast reduction surgery would be a pretty straight forward cosmetic surgery procedure; however, like plastic surgery after pregnancy, there is no single technique that will satisfy the cosmetic needs of all breast reduction patients.  The plastic and reconstructive surgeons here at Atlanta Plastic Surgery would like to take a moment to explain the different techniques and types of breast reduction surgery.  One thing that remains relatively consistent with all types of breast reduction surgery is the goal to remove the excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue contributing to a woman (or man’s) overly large breasts.

Breast Reduction for Macromastia

Most women who pursue breast surgery because of macromastia (presence of excessively large breasts) commonly complain of issues including: compromised posture, skin irritation, back pain, and neck pain due to the weight and size of their breasts.  To alleviate these symptoms and allow for easier movement, a plastic surgeon removes the excess tissue, reshapes the areola (areola reduction), and repositions the nipple.  Macromastia patients, especially those women seeking to reverse the effects of pregnancy and childbirth, will also have breast lift surgery at the time of breast reduction to reposition their new, smaller breasts to a lifted, more aesthetically pleasing location.

Post Bariatric Breast Reduction

Many post-bariatric cosmetic surgery patients will elect to have breast reduction surgery to remove the excess, hanging tissue that causes their breast to appear deflated or sagging after massive weight loss. Just as with any other post weight loss plastic surgery, like a circumferential tummy tuck or post-pregnancy breast lift surgery, it is imperative that the patient’s weight has stabilized and that no dramatic fluctuation is expected as weight change can compromise breast surgery results.  Most plastic surgeons recommend that post weight loss patient’s BMI (body mass index) remain at or under 30 to be deemed appropriate breast reduction candidates.

Male Breast Reduction

Men can also suffer from disproportionately large breasts.  Known as gynecomastia, this condition occurs when there is an excess amount of fat and/or over-development of glandular tissue in the breasts.  Depending on the patient’s needs, our plastic surgeons combine Atlanta liposuction and surgical excision to remove the surplus tissues during male breast reduction.

Most Atlanta breast reduction patients are able to return to their regular activities approximately two weeks after their procedure(s). Treatment and recovery varies from patient to patient.  Depending upon the extent of tissue and fat removed along with the size of incisions, breast reduction patients may be asked to wear a surgical bra following the procedure to minimize post-surgery swelling and bruising.  It’s also important to note that women considering breast reduction surgery should consider postponing their procedure until they are finished having children as childbirth and breast feeding can dramatically impact breast size.

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