Suction Assisted Liposuction Preferred Method of Fat Removal for Most Plastic Surgeons

liposuctionStudies published in the February issue of ASAPS’ Aesthetic Surgery Journal reveal that a majority (51%) of surveyed plastic surgeons prefer suction assisted liposuction (tumescent assisted) over cosmetic fat reduction.  Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons have been performing liposuction (body sculpting) for Atlanta patients for over 40 years.

Traditional liposuction consists of injecting a combination of saline and local anesthetic to “puff up” the fat cells to be removed.  Then, a plastic surgeon makes a tiny incision to access the fat cells.  The most commonly requested areas for liposuction include the abdomen, hips, flanks, thighs, legs, arms, back, neck, and face.  The actual suction portion of the procedure is accomplished through a small cannula, or hollow metal tube, that‘s inserted during surgery and powered by a compressor to withdraw the fat and surrounding fluid.  Recently, liposuction has become a popular addition to reshaping, fat transfer  procedures like facial enhancements, buttock augmentation, breast enhancement, and breast reconstruction, in which unwanted fat is harvested from one region and transplanted to augment another.

Besides traditional liposuction, the methods that ranked highest among preferred liposuction techniques also included power assisted liposuction (PAL) and laser assisted liposuction (LAL).  Power assisted liposuction works similarly to the traditional procedure described above, except a vibrating component on the end of the cannula works with the injected fluid to further loosen the targeted fat and facilitate the fat removal process.  LAL, or laser liposuction, also loosens fat for removal, but uses the heat of laser light instead of vibration.

The study was careful to identify a direct relationship between the surveyed surgeons’ liposuction preferences and the length of time the techniques have been practiced.  The survey’s lead author, Jamil Ahmad, M.D. added, “In the future, we may notice preferences shift as we see additional prospective data comparing techniques and as we gain more experience with newer methods.”

Comparative data is exactly what we seek to gain at Atlanta Plastic Surgery.  As consummate innovators in the field of cosmetic surgery procedures, our surgeons use occupational outlets like the annual Atlanta Breast Surgery Symposium to explore emerging breast surgery, facial plastic surgery, and cosmetic body procedures.  To learn more about the cosmetic and reconstructive options currently available at Atlanta Plastic Surgery visit our website.  You can also stay tuned to our blog for updates on the most recent plastic surgery technology.