Atlanta Reconstructive Surgery Valuable Subset of Cosmetic Surgery Industry

atlanta reconstructive surgery When thinking about plastic surgery, people usually think of nose jobs (rhinoplasty), breast implants, face lifts, etc. However, plastic surgery for aesthetic purposes is only one sector in the realm of plastic surgery.  The plastic and reconstructive surgeons at Atlanta Plastic Surgery often see patients for reconstructive surgery as well. Reconstructive plastic surgery corrects patients’ deformities and abnormalities, including those present at birth (congenital disorders) and those brought on by trauma, disease, or accident.

There is no exact definition as to which procedures are considered reconstructive surgery and which surgeries are purely cosmetic as just about all surgical procedure results must be a balance of form and function.  Over 42 years of surgical experience has proven breast reconstruction and facial reconstruction (maxillofacial surgery) among the most commonly requested Atlanta reconstructive surgeries.

Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons perform breast reconstruction surgery on patients who have lost part or all of their breast(s) due to mastectomy to treat breast cancer.  Our surgeons who perform breast reconstruction (Dr. Beegle, Dr. Elliott, Dr. Namnoum, and Dr. Maske) understand the battle these patients have endured, and continue to endure during cancer treatment and recovery.  Committed to best-serving breast reconstruction patients, our surgeons attend and often present at seminars like the Atlanta Breast Surgery Symposium to stay updated on the latest breast reconstruction techniques.  Some of Atlanta Plastic Surgery’s breast reconstruction techniques include: breast reconstruction using an implant, breast reconstruction using a tissue expander, and TRAM flap breast reconstruction (developed by our own founder, Dr. Carl Hartrampf).

Facial reconstruction, also known as maxillofacial surgery, is used to correct symptoms of disease, defects, and/or injuries of the face, head, neck, and jaws.  Our surgeons Dr. Burstein and Dr. Williams perform facial reconstruction procedures. When used to correct congenital defects (deformities and abnormalities that are present at birth), maxillofacial surgery is often performed on infants to ensure that they have the most normalized childhood possible. For instance, children born with a cleft palate may have cleft palate reconstructive surgery as early as 10 weeks of age according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, but it’s very important to find a surgeon who has experience in pediatric reconstructive surgery. Facial reconstruction can also be performed on adults as well to increase and individual’s self-confidence and improve a feature’(s) function.

The need for reconstructive surgery can bring anxiety and angst, but our certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons strive to relieve any negative associations with a thorough patient consultation.  Reviewing before and after photo galleries that show our surgeons’ optimal results can also provide patients relief. Remember, reconstructive procedures are only a branch of plastic surgery here at Atlanta Plastic Surgery.  Our surgeons also perform aesthetic surgery, including various breast procedures, facial procedures, and body procedures.  Visit our website for more information, and continue to read the blog for more plastic surgery news.