Atlanta Plastic Surgery Consultation Preparation Tips

atlanta plastic surgery consultation preparationAtlanta Plastic Surgery’s plastic and reconstructive surgeons believe that patient satisfaction starts at the time of consultation.  While our surgeons will discuss everything you need to know during the initial consultation, our experience has taught us that patients who come to their consultation prepared to discuss their plastic surgery procedure tend to be most satisfied with their plastic surgery results.

Here are some tips for cosmetic surgery patient preparation:

Write down any concerns or questions: Discussing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery can be overwhelming.  Even your biggest concerns may be hard to remember with so much information to talk about.

Complete paperwork in advance and arrive early: We suggest that patients arrive at least 15 minutes early for their consultation to complete any remaining paperwork.  Taking time to complete a bulk of the paperwork at home will ensure your ability to easily access the information needed (i.e.- personal and family medical history, current medications, etc.).  When compiling a list of medications, don’t forget to include any vitamins and natural supplements as they too can effect certain pain medication recommendations and recovery.

Be prepared to take notes: Our surgeons will provide printed copies of everything you will need to know about your reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery procedure, but taking notes in your own words can help you have better understand the information discussed.  During a consultation at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, you might even have the opportunity to see a simulated image of your expected outcome.

Research your desired procedure and your prospective surgeon’s experience: Knowing what’s involved with your desired Atlanta aesthetic plastic surgery or reconstructive procedure will help you develop healthy, realistic expectations for your results.  While choosing a surgeon, be sure to also research their before and after photo gallery.   A skilled Atlanta breast augmentation surgeon may not be the best choice if you’re pursuing an Atlanta blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).  Don’t settle when it comes to finding a surgeon whose skills are matched to your needs.

Bring pictures: Plastic surgeons are typically visual individuals.  If you’re considering a facial rejuvenation procedure like a facelift or Rhinoplasty (nose job), bringing in an older photo of yourself will assist your surgeon in producing natural looking results.

Bring support: If necessary, bring support to your consultation.  Patients coming in for a reconstruction consultation (such as breast reconstruction or reconstruction of congenital defects and other facial deformities) may especially benefit from support, as their plastic surgery experience may be emotionally trying.

Atlanta Plastic Surgery understands how exciting and nerve-racking consultations can be. These preparation tips should help patients walk away from their consultation fully informed: all questions and concerns answered and addressed. Some of the most common procedures performed at our practice are: breast augmentation, liposuction, breast reduction, and facelift.  However, since we have so many surgeons under one roof, some specialize in other procedures like breast reconstruction and reconstruction of congenital defects and other facial deformities.

For more information on the surgeons at Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C. and the procedures they perform, visit our website and continue reading our new practice-wide blog.  If you are considering plastic surgery, contact us today to schedule a consultation.